A little bit about my reincarnated wood...


Bedazzled Fish came about when I got an urge to satisfy my creative energy. The concept evolved each time I collected a piece of driftwood from the beach while walking my dog, Stella. I knew that I wanted to create something unique and original with that found wood. I knew I wanted to make  designs to make people happy. My creative juices began to overflow each time I looked at the form and texture of those weathered pieces. I yearned for a creative outlet, a sort of beach therapy. Bedazzled Fish was born in 2017 when I found a friend rummaging thru a box of old jewelry, buttons and beads, and then realized, I could incorporate those items onto the driftwood. My yearning was satisfied when I found joy in making and selling those whimsical creations. I am pleased to share that joy with those who enjoy my work. I am blessed that I have met my goal and found an outlet to make myself and others happy.  


For the past 14 years, I have owned a home within walking distance to Kings Beach in Lynn, MA. For years, I have found it profitable to refurbish, repaint, repurpose and readorn anything I could remake, renew and resell. Since 2005, I have developed not only “Bedazzled Fish” but other original art concepts such as “Creations Etc”. I enjoy creating my Bedazzled Fish and each time I finish one, I am reminded that I have been given a gift, a gift of innate ability for color, creation and design. I am a self-taught artist, and entrepreneur but I know I have had guidance from heaven above.